TV Band Curitiba was JMalucelli Group's first company in the communication segment.

Considered one of the most prestigious brands in the publicity market, the TV has fully digital image and editing. Its programming is diversified, including sports, music, gastronomy, entertainment, health and leisure.


The channel's journalism is known as agile, impartial and responsible, and makes commitment to the city and population its priority, resulting in its reference status among national communication vehicles.


TV Band Maringá channel 6 covers an area of over 60 municipalities in Northeastern Paraná, a reagion that has more than 1 million inhabitants.

Specialized professionals and investments in technology make TV Maringa a modern, bold, creative broadcaster and audience leader in its region.


Band News is the first 100% FM broadcast channel in Brazil.

Broadcast from Curitiba on 96.3 since 2006, the radio has up to date news slots every 20 minutes, 24/7. Its programming focuses on quality information, opinion making, and providing updated news to those who are in transit, on roads and in airports.

The interaction between the many news providers in the country is what gives information broadcasting its dynamic and agile character.


Thinking of an online communication channel for the Paraná population, Paraná Portal was born, with impartial news and credibility every minute.

Paraná Portal brings together the editorial content of the JMalucelli Group's communication media potentializing the state's news coverage through its web news central, fed by several journalist teams, producing own, dynamic content.


A joint venture involving Kinnevik Group and Bandeirantes de Comunicação Group, which in Curitiba, partners with the JMalucelli Group.

The Metro Newspaper prints from Monday through Friday and is sold at the main crossroads of the Paraná capital, which was the third city in the country to have this newspaper.

Born in Sweden, the Metro is published in over 21 countries, among them the U.S.A., France, Portugal, Canada, Netherands and Chile, and is successfull wherever it is found.


Linked to CBN, the largest FM radio news channel in Brazil, 90.1 FM, or CBN Curitiba covers the capital and metropolitan area, and also reaches several neighboring cities.

With up to date journalism, podcasts by journalists known nation wide, CBN stores and makes all debates, interviews and comments permanently available online. Besides the internet, the network also launched the option of an audio channel on NET Curitiba, a cable TV provider, and also the first to create a radio station for TV in Paraná.