A pioneer in providing credit to public servants, one of the first financial institutions to establish an agreement with the Brazilian Social Security Institute, Paraná Banco has dozens of own stores and partners, especially in the Southern and Southeastern regions, aiming to have constant contact with its business partners and to mature these relationships.

Its Corporate Credit operations and actions focused on investors are eye catching for their service platform that focuses on client proximity and converging to their needs.

The company is listed among the BM&F Bovespa level I companies, a segment that brings together businesses with unique corporate governance.

The bank also uses its experience and tradition to provide the market with trust and quality through its financial products, always in accordance with its mission to offer credit soluction and investments with competence, satisfying its clients and shareholders' expectations.

JMI represents the evolution of Paraná Bnco Asset Management and shows JMalucelli Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários' specialization. Created in 1968, the company has specialized in meeting the needs of differente types of clients. The quality of its services is recognized since then, resisting and conquering challenges presented by the Brazilian economy throughout time.

Acting in the resource administration and management field, the company offers dynamic and differentiated investment products capable of meeting the needs of each investor, such as transparency and professionalism.