Since 1992, JMalucelli has been committed to offering its clients the best solutions.

Its name became known as the exclusive CASE resaler, initially in Paraná and, since 2013, throughout Brazil's entire Southern region. In 2011, it became the Michelin tire distributore for the Southern region of the country.

In short, its diversified clientele includes city halls, docks, construction companies, agribusiness, lumberyards, pottery factorys, limestone quarries, sewage and reforestation companies, etc.


Machine leasing has increasingly become an option for companies and industries. With that in mind, the Group created Rental.

The company has over 700 items for lease aiming to meet clients' needs in their production process. Rental offers 24/7 technical assistance and machinery replacement, eliminating any risks of interruption production flow, besides providing a huge array of high performance and quality equipment for the most diverse uses.