Found in the main Brazilian capitals, the Insurance Company operates exclusively in the Guarantee Insurance sector.

Its expertise and evolution in the market made way for the joint venture with Travelers Inc., one of the most commented partnerships in the market. The North American company is the second largest Insurance Company in the U.S.A. and world leader in Guarantee Insurance. 

JMalucelli Seguradora is a member of the Panamerican Association of Bonds and Guarantees, an entity recognized worldwide that brings together companies that operate with Credit and Guarantee insurance. This allows policies to be issued abroad, and a close relationship with international reinsurance companies.


Created in 2008, this company is also a Travelers Inc. partner, which allowed JMalucelli Resseguradora to dive into new insurance markets in Latin America and its


Property&Casualty operations in Brazil.

The Reinsurance company aims to promote protection and financial balance to insurance companies by means of its reinsurance operations, and it achieves this through its highly capable team. 

In 2014, JMAlucelli Seguradora took majority control of the colombian guarantee insurance company Cardinal Compañá de Seguros, with Travelers by its side.

Cardinal already had broad knowledge of the market and, just as the Group, a client focused culture. The knowledge of all three companies combined formed a dream team able to achive the objective of becoming oe of the five most important guarantee insurance providers in Colombia over the following years.


Cardinal maintains its head offices in Bogotá with branches in Medelín and Cali, and now operates under the brand JMalucelli Travelers, since the second half of 2015.