Ensure the family's unity and 
Commitment to the business

Monitor the business' development and approach questions that are relevant to
the business' future

Establish directives for the business management team, ensuring the interests of shareholders are considered

The JMalucelli Group was founded in 1966 by Joel Malucelli, and takes pride in being one of the largest corporate groups in Paraná.


To consolidate the JMalucelli Group's position in its main activity sectors and seeking new business opportunities and advantageous partnerships.


To perpetuate the business as a reference and family based corporate group adding value to its business with ethics and responsibility, while always being aware of new opportunities and advantageous partnerships. 


Humility; Respect; Ethics; Discipline; Credibility; Corporate Responsibility; Perseverence; Initiative. 

A company that began small is now a conglomerate that provides thousands of jobs and has been writing its story in Brazil.

We participate in a number of areas, such as Communication, Concessions, Infrastructure, Commerce, Energy, Finances, Insurance, Soccer, among others.

Our philosophy gains more strength every day, with each of our employees as a spokesperson for our essence. Our company is built on diversity, coexistence, governance, entrepreneurship, synergy, conservative actions and responsibility.

We are ready to grow by seezing opportunities.

Alexandre Malucelli - President